Lakes Area
Bike Club

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Join the LABC

It's easy to join the Lakes Area Bike Club. Just show up and bring a bike! There is only a small annual token fee to become a club member. Our fee covers the cost of the website and is only $10 per individual or $15 per family per year. Everyone is welcome to join us on rides. Each weekly ride offers multiple routes varying in length from short (less than 15 miles) to long (25-30 miles), so riders of all abilites are encouraged to join. Helmets are recommended.

We meet in a different community each week. The rides start each Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m., so show up a bit early for introductions. Check the ride schedule page to see where we will be riding in future weeks, or check the News/Ride Info page for more details on the next ride, including location and route lengths.

As a member of the Lakes Area Bike Club, you are entitled to utilize our membership discount at Jake's Bikes, and The Bike & Fitness Company in Alexandria, MN.   Both bike shops will ship products out to the club members and will provide very competitive pricing.  Contact them at jake@jakesbike.com320-491-2145,  and, 320-762-8493 for more information.

The Bike & Fitness Company